Dead London Records was started in 2011 because we were fed up of seeing truly superb bands fall by the wayside because they were either not part of some clique or did not have enough cash-money to throw at getting out there or the know-how to release stuff themselves.

…Also it is a fun thing to do…and a good excuse to go to tons of gigs hunting fresh tune-meat to release!

There is tons of awesome music being made in our home city and beyond.  Some have signed to great independent labels, the occasional one makes it to a major label, but the majority remain unsigned or are yet to be discovered.

We want to find great music from any genre and release it for other people to hear…

Dead London is an umbrella of familial luuurve for all this top quality tuneage. Let us indulge your sick lust for challenging and charming tuneage…

We’re sexy.

Chuck your knickers at us.