Welcome to Dead London Records, a shining beacon in the fog of mediocrity, home of some of the United Kingdom’s most fiercely creative alternative musical talents, a union of souls unfettered by the fickle and fetid nature of fashion…making great music for it’s own sake.

Dead London Records is the new sanctuary for excellence in the midst of today’s tragedian industry; delapidated and dead behind the eyes. Dead London is a co-operative, an umberella, a calling card for superb music.

Our current roster is growing as we set up our stall, so keep checking back to see what’s new in our cosmos, but for time being we cannot wait for you to come and see, hear and contribute to the futures of Bombers, Power Zombie , Shana Tova, RoBoTaLiEn, Eat Y’Self Pretty, Pet Ghosts and more…





Week commencing 29-07-2013 we bring you your third helping of Bombers-mania. The B-Town quartet continue to work their rich seam of timeless emaciated recession pop.

Brooding and louche downbeat minimalism returns in grand style this week as Bombers return with Double A-Side single ‘Forecast / The Way You Think You Look’ – trust us we’ve been itching a long time for these two opaque gems to sashay forth from Bombers HQ and they’re well worth the wait. Download from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etcetera and look out for the disturbing video online and here on Bombers’ page!



Coming to Dead London Records June 24th 2013, Manchester’s finest son RoBoTaLiEn brings the eclecticore invasion!


Check back here for further details of this exciting full-length release from the slacker emperor himself, Rob Allen; lynchpin of legendary lo-fidelity fun-raisers LITTLE DIPPER and PET GHOSTS. 17 tracks of soul-baring magic – gymnastically balanced muscle and vulnerability. On CD Digipak and Download, the 1st 50 CDs come with poster, hand-written thank you note from the artist and badge! Artwork by Johnny Foreigner’s art-brute (sic) Lewes Herriot


On Monday 28th January 2013 Bombers, one of the hardest working bands we’ve ever encountered, return with the hugely anticipated follow-up to their critically acclaimed ‘Film Fanatic’ EP.

On this double a-side maxi single, angular crowd favourite ‘Drawing’ is accompanied by a sparse anthem of social alienation on ‘Buddy’s In A Cult’. This is already accruing rave reviews and earning Bombers some serious national and international coverage. At a special offer price of £2 (with a free pin-badge) it’s time to get yer coin out and get involved in the most electrifying band within the much heralded ‘B-Town’ stable, peoples! 

On Monday 18th June 2012 Dead London are proud to release the ‘We Are The Morally Untidy’ EP by Birmingham’s Eat Y’Self Pretty. 

Check out the band’s Facebook page where you can purchase Limited Edition Steel Tickets for their launch show at The Flapper on 16-06-2012 for £5 which gets you into the show and a free download of the EP!!!!


Eat Y’Self Pretty are ridiculously accomplished at spinning sonic webs to trap unwary ears… go to their artist page here to learn more about this enigmatic 5 piece.

On October 31st 2011 Bombers released the now classic ‘Film Fanatic’ EP through Dead London Records.

The EP is available NOW on Limited Edition extra-large DVD sized Digipak, featuring five tracks of untamed New Wave; these ragged and psychotic vignettes backed up with  the glorious artwork of our resident brush-wizard Keven Robinson.

The EP is also available to download from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, 7Digital, Napster and a wealth of other online outlets…

Find out how to purchase the DVD Digipak on our SHOP page and for more information about all of our artists, including Bombers, head on down to our ARTISTS page.